Why We Need Beauty: Ideal

Beauty has value because people will pay for it, and yet beauty in our culture is generally perceived to be superficial and insignificant. Within this oxymoron, we’ve seen how beauty evokes substantial responses from people with the attention people give to beauty, the esteem people attach to it, and the price people pay for it.Continue reading “Why We Need Beauty: Ideal”

Beauty This Christmas

The Christmas season is a time that’s both celebratory and somber for many, as we celebrate hope and joy and close the year, like ending a chapter.  We tend to wonder about the worth of the past year and feel the excitement and intimidation of being at the threshold of another new year.  I findContinue reading “Beauty This Christmas”

Selfishness Destroys Beauty

Yesterday morning I discovered four flower heads were ripped off of my Callo Lilies in front of my house, which I had carefully and diligently planted, watered and nurtured for the past few weeks.  I thought the Callo Lilies, often referred to as “resurrection flowers,” would add beauty to the urban neighborhood I live inContinue reading “Selfishness Destroys Beauty”

The Difficulty of Developing Self-Control

Someone asked two questions during a class I taught at my church on the subject of the roles of thoughts and feelings in spiritual growth: why is self-control so especially difficult? and how do you develop the virtue of self-control?  That question lingered in my mind for days and my ponderings were trapped on howContinue reading “The Difficulty of Developing Self-Control”

The Truth About Beauty

(published in the Hollywood Prayer Network newsletter – March 2012) One of the surprising news that caught much attention at this year’s Academy Awards had nothing to do with The Artist, Hugo, The Descendants or War Horse.  It was “Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg”.  On the red carpet, her right leg slid out from behind herContinue reading “The Truth About Beauty”