Strike Beyond the Surface!

Recently in my Wing Chun group as the students were training with hitting pads, the lesson I emphasized was to hit beyond the pad; don’t just hit the surface!  I repeated over and over and then I had to demonstrate it for them to hit at the point that is beyond the surface.  When IContinue reading “Strike Beyond the Surface!”

The Virtue of Self-Control in Wing Chun

In all martial arts, the virtue of self-control is (ought to be) taught.  In Wing Chun, it is a vital attribute to develop not only for the sake of not hurting someone but for the sake of becoming a better Wing Chun practitioner.  Since Wing Chun utilizes the sensitivity of touch as a way ofContinue reading “The Virtue of Self-Control in Wing Chun”

Wing Chun as an Art of Grace

What I’ve come to like about Wing Chun and how it resonates with me is what I call its “aggressive grace.”  Without trying to use muscle strength to overpower a person, it teaches you to flow, use relaxed movements and to be non-resistant.  We don’t try to clash with the person’s energy but to flowContinue reading “Wing Chun as an Art of Grace”