Adoption Jokes are Not Funny to Me

It upsets me when I see films poke fun at adopted children.   I’m a big Marvel fan, so I was sadly disappointed by that scene in the Avengers movie.  Remember it?  This was the dialogue while the Avengers were on the helicarrier. Bruce Banner : I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki.  That guy’s brain is a bag full ofContinue reading “Adoption Jokes are Not Funny to Me”

What is an Asian American?

When I watched “Crazy Rich Asians,” I identified with the majority of the cultural elements portrayed. The movie not only raises awareness about Asian culture, but also about the ongoing enigma of the Asian American identity and experience. I’ll never forget a question that a professor posed in my Asian American Studies class at UCContinue reading “What is an Asian American?”

Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda

What do Bruce Lee and Yoda have in common where they speak truth into life?  They are two of my favorite celebrities.  Both martial artists.  Both philosophers.  Both hold the same understanding of the difference between well intentions and actualization.  Many of have a number of well intentions, but well intentions alone do not createContinue reading “Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda”

Hugo: There Are No Extra Parts

I was pleasantly surprised by the deep philosophy of the Academy Award winning film “Hugo,” which directly applied to life!  It’s a kid’s story after all.  The story addresses the question of how does one deal with the harsh reality of loss and suffering, particularly for a young orphan.  What is a young boy livingContinue reading “Hugo: There Are No Extra Parts”

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Finding the Story that Makes Sense of Our Losses

“What’s your story?”  That was the only question a boy who lost his father in the 911 attack could ask in order to make sense of his father’s tragic death. What is the sense of flying an airplane into a building to kill thousands of innocent lives?  What is the sense of such brutal hatred? Continue reading “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Finding the Story that Makes Sense of Our Losses”

Iron Man 2: How Does Knowing You’re Dying Lead to Self-Destructive Behaviors?

“What would you do if you knew this was going to be your last birthday?”  That was the profound question Tony Stark asked, which was the riddle that explained his self-destructive behavior in Iron Man 2. Yes, this movie was criticized for being slower than the first installment, having less action and feeling slightly moreContinue reading “Iron Man 2: How Does Knowing You’re Dying Lead to Self-Destructive Behaviors?”

“REAL STEEL” Echoes the Cry of Every Heart

This film was expectantly enjoyable and surprisingly moving.  It’s a film that has gotten mixed reviews.  I found it had a good story and a real substance to the film that echoes what we all cry for.  Here’s my experience and take away from it, and I’ll warn you before I get to talking aboutContinue reading ““REAL STEEL” Echoes the Cry of Every Heart”

“Frozen”: Took the East Way Out

I just watched the film “Frozen” which looked similar to Castaway or 127 Hours in that it had to do with being marooned and surviving the elements and its psychological effects. This is not one of my usual posts that purely discusses the theological ideas drawn from the film. Instead, what I feel compelled toContinue reading ““Frozen”: Took the East Way Out”

Seven: a world without redemption

It seems lately I’ve been encountering films that graphically and compellingly portray the lostness of humanity. These are films that shake up our optimism about our nature. In this older film, “Seven,” we’re left with a sinful world without redemption. The film totes the question of whether the killer (played by Kevin Spacey) is simplyContinue reading “Seven: a world without redemption”