Adoption Jokes are Not Funny to Me

It upsets me when I see films poke fun at adopted children.   I’m a big Marvel fan, so I was sadly disappointed by that scene in the Avengers movie.  Remember it?  This was the dialogue while the Avengers were on the helicarrier. Bruce Banner : I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki.  That guy’s brain is a bag full ofContinue reading “Adoption Jokes are Not Funny to Me”

2020, a year of Vision, Focus & Insight

Another year comes to pass, and a new year is on the horizon.  At the turn of each year, there’s an anticipation of what’s to come.  What doors could open?  What goals will be accomplished?  What changes will happen?  What decisions will be made?  Who will we meet?  The eagerness of a new chapter bringsContinue reading “2020, a year of Vision, Focus & Insight”

What is an Asian American?

When I watched “Crazy Rich Asians,” I identified with the majority of the cultural elements portrayed. The movie not only raises awareness about Asian culture, but also about the ongoing enigma of the Asian American identity and experience. I’ll never forget a question that a professor posed in my Asian American Studies class at UCContinue reading “What is an Asian American?”

Foster Dad 20: You Don’t Have to Be Here

The child attorney told us, “You don’t have to be here,” a statement that echoed what all the other attorneys, FFA social workers, and DCFS social workers told us, that we don’t need to be present at the court hearings regarding our foster child. Our current DCFS social worker repeatedly reiterated to us that fosterContinue reading “Foster Dad 20: You Don’t Have to Be Here”

Why a Birthday is Important

As I am in between celebratory events, between the family picnic at the LA zoo and the dinner with friends at Universal City Walk, I decided to share my thoughts about the significance of a birthday. It’s true for most of us that there comes a point when we don’t see our birthdays the sameContinue reading “Why a Birthday is Important”

15th Anniversary Advice on Marriage

My wife and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary a few days ago with a dozen close friends. They enjoyed asking us a bunch of questions and one of them was after 15 years of marriage, what advice do we have. After thinking about it, here are my seven. Men honor your wives. While you mayContinue reading “15th Anniversary Advice on Marriage”