The Thing About Aging

Aging is one of those things people dread most about life.  When we think of aging, we naturally picture progressively wrinkling skin, sagging parts, greying hair, and aching joints.  Beyond the physical though is also the spiritual side of aging—the feeling of weariness, regrets over unfulfilled dreams and the sense that time has moved forward. Continue reading “The Thing About Aging”

What is Freedom and Why We Want It?

Freedom is of non-negotiable importance to us because having it affirms the most fundamental dignity of our humanity.  Many films, stories and historical events hail freedom as an indisputable quality of human life.  Everyone wants it.  People will even die to ensure that others get it.  To deny others their freedom is to deny theirContinue reading “What is Freedom and Why We Want It?”

Ambition and Calling

Someone said to me, “Brian, you are ambitious.”  I don’t know if I would consider ambition as one of my qualities.  But I do believe in answering our callings.  We only have one shot at life so I think we should make it count.  Callings are not quite the same as desires.  The two couldContinue reading “Ambition and Calling”

Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda

What do Bruce Lee and Yoda have in common where they speak truth into life?  They are two of my favorite celebrities.  Both martial artists.  Both philosophers.  Both hold the same understanding of the difference between well intentions and actualization.  Many of have a number of well intentions, but well intentions alone do not createContinue reading “Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda”

The Truth About Beauty

(published in the Hollywood Prayer Network newsletter – March 2012) One of the surprising news that caught much attention at this year’s Academy Awards had nothing to do with The Artist, Hugo, The Descendants or War Horse.  It was “Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg”.  On the red carpet, her right leg slid out from behind herContinue reading “The Truth About Beauty”

Thriving vs Being Good: The Telos of Life

While having dinner at a friend’s place up in North Hollywood, I was trying to scoop salad with a pasta spoon – one of those with the serrated, round teeth and holes in the middle.  I was noticeably having some difficulty scooping the lettuce, carrots and tomatoes on to my wife’s plate as I triedContinue reading “Thriving vs Being Good: The Telos of Life”