Seven: a world without redemption

It seems lately I’ve been encountering films that graphically and compellingly portray the lostness of humanity. These are films that shake up our optimism about our nature. In this older film, “Seven,” we’re left with a sinful world without redemption. The film totes the question of whether the killer (played by Kevin Spacey) is simply psychotic or a brilliant individual and makes it more believable that if we were left to our sins without any hope of redemption, we could identify with the frustrations this killer experienced. I’m reminded by this film of our need to be redeemed. No one wants to remain in a state of brokenness. There’s a desire within each of us to be whole, in harmony and beautiful. If we live a life as broken people without redemption, we could only do two things: deny that we’re sinful and broken and thus fabricate an optimism that avoids any honesty with about need or find our selves enlightened and driven mad like the killer. After all, how are we supposed to live in a world of decrepitude without hope of being any better. It’s not in our nature.

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