Person of Peace vs. Person of War – Knowing Which You Are

I was recently reading the transitional period between King David and his son King Solomon and found it interesting how distinct their roles were as kings: one was a king of war and the other was a king of peace.  God even specifically said to David that he would not be the one to build God’s magnificent temple because he was a king of war.  Instead, the task of building the temple of God was for a king of peace, Solomon.  Almost in a sad way, David had the genuine desire to build God’s temple but couldn’t and he did the next best thing by giving from his personal treasury for its construction.  The handing off of the task to Solomon and the highlighting of one being a king of war versus the other being a king of peace, an important life principle dawned on me: some of us are called to be fighters to pave the way for others to have peace, like David did for Solomon, while others are called to be in peace and to build in those times, like Solomon did with the Temple.  Some of us are Davids and some are Solomons.  To live life well, it seems important to discern the difference of the two and appreciate the other.

There had to be a David in order for there to be a Solomon.  Some of us are called to be David’s to fight so that others may have peace while others are called to build in a time of peace.  David led war campaigns and defended the cities during the season of war.  Solomon managed the prosperity and built up the cities during the time of peace.  Wisdom is knowing which we are.  Most of us want to be Solomons, enjoying the time of peace and prosperity, but some of us who want to be Solomons are called to be Davids; we’re called to fight so that others after us might have peace.  Some are called to be Solomons but we live like we’re Davids, always fighting and ready for a fight, not realizing that it’s okay to put down our sword and stop fighting.   Sometimes we’re fighting when we should be building and sometimes we’re trying to build when we need to fight.  Knowing what we’re called to be and what season we live in is critical for living life well.

Perhaps God has appointed some of us to fight so that others may have peace.  I think of my parents who fought their way here as immigrants so that my brothers and I may have lives of peace.  I think of mothers who work two jobs to save up for their sons’ college tuition.  I think of the husband who works an odd end job to pay the bills so his wife could pursue her dreams.  I think of the best friend who defends his/her friend in hard times at his/her own expense.   There are those in life who are meant to fight so that others may have peace.  But there are those who are meant to build in a season of peace.  I think of the person who has been hurt but doesn’t need to fight anymore and can take time to heal and rebuild his life and spirit, unless he starts fighting with friends thinking they’re foes.

It seems to live life well means knowing which we are at the present season of our lives AND knowing who around us have been/are fighters and peacemakers to us.

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