The Impact of Good Customer Service

I was recently inspired by good customer service at a burger joint.  I was at the In-N-Out drive-thru the other day to get a cheeseburger.  I wasn’t physically feeling too well and thought an In-N-Out cheeseburger would help (don’t ask why).  When the drive-thru attendant took my order, he walked over to my window with a smile.  He  was genuinely kind, respectful and courteous to me and patiently took my order.  The good customer service made me want to work at a restaurant just so I could give others good customer service and make their day.  His kindness felt infectious.  Then I thought what if we all treated everyone with good customer service as a way of life?  Why don’t we?  I realized in that moment that it had to do with the context.  I was in the context of In-N-Out, a business establishment where employees were known for being happy and giving good customer service.  I used to comment on how pleasant all the workers there seemed.  It was part of their work ethic.  Somehow it seems like even the food tastes better when you’re treated well!  I wondered what life and society would be like if we translated a good restaurant business context and ethic into daily life.

What if giving each other good customer service was the norm in our interaction with each other and the guiding principle for our daily lives?  Most good businesses teach and train their employees to provide good customer service, because businesses, especially good restaurants, understand something fundamentally basic about people – everyone likes being treated with respect, kindness and courtesy.  We too can be trained in a  lifestyle of good customer service if we understand this basic human need.  The Bible’s “one another” verses trains us on how to treat each other with Christ-like kindness and respect.  What if we all assumed the role of a server and thought of each other as customers?  Our motto in our interactions would shift from what can I get from someone to how can I serve you? and how can I treat you well?  We would be living under the principle of good customer service as a general way of life.  With this kind of infectious and inspiring kindness, society would be transformed.

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