Foster Dad 4: Who My Baby Is To This World

As a foster dad, I’ve been touched in the recent weeks by the attention my baby gets and by the effect he has on people.  I can’t walk anywhere with him without being stopped at least a few times by people wanting to see or interact with him.  He is a people stopper.  But what touches me most was noticing the effects he has on others.

I love the joy he brings to others when he spontaneously smiles and causes them to smile.  I love the hope he gives to others when they hear he’s a foster baby and see his present well-being.  I love the love he generates in strangers when they meet him and instantly fall in love with him.  I love the appreciation of mystery he evokes when people look at him, then look at my wife and I, and realize something isn’t matching!  I love how he melts my heart in our conversations together.  I love his sensitivity for peace when I sing to him and his soul quiets.  I love how he stirs others to be inquisitive by his curious nature to look at everything.  I love how he moves others to live when they see his precious life.  I love how he is a reminder of good when they see the purity of his soul regardless of where they think he came from.  I love that he is an inspiration to others by his story of redemption.  I love the encouragement he offers others by him simply living and growing.  I love that in the midst of his broken background he brings so much beauty into this world.

And I love that he doesn’t even know he’s such a blessing to others.

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