Foster Dad 8: A Life of Appointments

What does a routine of fostering look like?  The foster parenting life is full of appointments!  On top of the normal parenting of feeding the child, helping the child to develop, basic medical needs, and loving the child, typical appointments for “at-risk” babies in fostering include: county social worker, foster agency social worker, MAT assessment, HUB medical physician, regional services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, child psychologist, WIC sessions, mandatory foster parenting training requirements, and up to 9 hours of visitations for the biological parents (that are broken up into 3 visits)… and foster parent support groups (if we can squeeze that in).  Some of these are one-time appointments.  Many of them are regularly weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments.  A lot of support is set in place for our foster baby.

Yes, it’s a busy life to foster parent one lil guy.  As foster parents, our lives are about a lot of running around, taking the baby from one appointment to the next.  I have to admit that my wife and I have plenty of moments when we shake our heads, roll our eyes and say, “Another appointment?  How are we going to do this?”  This little baby is running our lives!  Then we play with our baby, hug his pudgy body, see him smile at us with glowing joy and laugh with him over silly things, and while the tiredness, pressures and stress don’t dissipate, we say to ourselves, “He’s worth it.”

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