Why a Birthday is Important

As I am in between celebratory events, between the family picnic at the LA zoo and the dinner with friends at Universal City Walk, I decided to share my thoughts about the significance of a birthday. It’s true for most of us that there comes a point when we don’t see our birthdays the sameContinue reading “Why a Birthday is Important”

Designed for More Than Ourselves

Yesterday, the owner (Judd) of one of my favorite comic stores, Blastoff Comics, in North Hollywood told me why he sells comics. Every month he donates a percentage of his profits to a charity that’s announced on their FB page.  We got into the importance of generosity.  I said generosity not only impacts others butContinue reading “Designed for More Than Ourselves”

15th Anniversary Advice on Marriage

My wife and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary a few days ago with a dozen close friends. They enjoyed asking us a bunch of questions and one of them was after 15 years of marriage, what advice do we have. After thinking about it, here are my seven. Men honor your wives. While you mayContinue reading “15th Anniversary Advice on Marriage”

Thinking Deeply about Santa Claus

I like the character, story and decorative theme of Santa Claus, but you may hate me for writing this (or you may give me an amen).  Our culture celebrates Santa Claus as the benevolent gift giver of children around the world during Christmas, spreading a message of warmth and jolly.  But if you were toContinue reading “Thinking Deeply about Santa Claus”

Foster Dad 17: How My Foster Son Helps Me Be a Better Man

How we see ourselves in light of another is fascinating.  Given what I know about where my foster son has come from, I look forward to what he can become.  But when I look at my foster son’s face, I realize the things in myself that I wouldn’t want him to model after.  When IContinue reading “Foster Dad 17: How My Foster Son Helps Me Be a Better Man”

The Thing About Aging

Aging is one of those things people dread most about life.  When we think of aging, we naturally picture progressively wrinkling skin, sagging parts, greying hair, and aching joints.  Beyond the physical though is also the spiritual side of aging—the feeling of weariness, regrets over unfulfilled dreams and the sense that time has moved forward. Continue reading “The Thing About Aging”

Foster Dad 16: The Best Thing To Hear From The Parents

The parents of Lil Guy wrote something to my wife and I that we never expected to read, but was the best thing they could ever tell us.  We’re about to visit Lil Guy this weekend for the second time, since we returned him to his parents over a month and half ago.  This visitContinue reading “Foster Dad 16: The Best Thing To Hear From The Parents”

Foster Dad 15: Revisiting Our Former Foster Son

Today, we visited our first foster son (Lil Guy) who we returned back to his biological mother.  It seems being able to visit your former foster child is not typical (for many reasons, I’m sure).  We developed a good relationship with his parents and they invited us to stay in touch with them and visit. Continue reading “Foster Dad 15: Revisiting Our Former Foster Son”