Why is it hard to apologize?

My wife went through an experience lately with a salesperson who obviously made a mistake in overcharging her for a pair of boots. The problem was the salesperson did not want to admit she made a mistake. My wife calculated the total with the tax on her phone, showed it to the salesperson and theContinue reading “Why is it hard to apologize?”

“Frozen”: Took the East Way Out

I just watched the film “Frozen” which looked similar to Castaway or 127 Hours in that it had to do with being marooned and surviving the elements and its psychological effects. This is not one of my usual posts that purely discusses the theological ideas drawn from the film. Instead, what I feel compelled toContinue reading ““Frozen”: Took the East Way Out”

Seven: a world without redemption

It seems lately I’ve been encountering films that graphically and compellingly portray the lostness of humanity. These are films that shake up our optimism about our nature. In this older film, “Seven,” we’re left with a sinful world without redemption. The film totes the question of whether the killer (played by Kevin Spacey) is simplyContinue reading “Seven: a world without redemption”

Inglorious Basterds – inglorious humanity

Tarantino’s film title “Inglorious Basterds” referred to a band of WWII american vigilantes out to kill as many Nazis as they could with unrestrained barbarism.   One might even think that these Inglorious Basterds were deliverers of justice and judgment upon a well-deserved evil, racist nation bent on world conquest.  However, as the film progressed, IContinue reading “Inglorious Basterds – inglorious humanity”

Regrets and Reconciliation

Regrets are among the greatest demons of life.  They eat away at us as we wish we had seized, accomplished or obtained the things that have now passed.  Regrets seem to be demons we all have.  As I recently arrived at the age of 35, I found myself automatically reflecting on my journey in lifeContinue reading “Regrets and Reconciliation”

Interview with a Vampire – what is immortality?

The current vampire craze rekindled an interest for me to re-watch Interview with a Vampire, in which many of its concepts and ideas appears to me to be the predecessor for today’s popular Twilight saga and Vampire Diaries.  Such themes include, exploring the psyche of vampires, a vampire’s ironic apprehension towards taking life, the “vegetarian”Continue reading “Interview with a Vampire – what is immortality?”

“We all owe a death to God”

The recurring theme of the film The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 is from John Travolta’s repeated line, “We all owe a death to God.”  Surprisingly, undergirding this theme is the possibility of Denzel Washington’s character of finding redemption for a crime he allegedly committed.  There is perhaps no greater reality than that of death.  It is aContinue reading ““We all owe a death to God””