Strike Beyond the Surface!

Recently in my Wing Chun group as the students were training with hitting pads, the lesson I emphasized was to hit beyond the pad; don’t just hit the surface!  I repeated over and over and then I had to demonstrate it for them to hit at the point that is beyond the surface.  When IContinue reading “Strike Beyond the Surface!”

Hugo: There Are No Extra Parts

I was pleasantly surprised by the deep philosophy of the Academy Award winning film “Hugo,” which directly applied to life!  It’s a kid’s story after all.  The story addresses the question of how does one deal with the harsh reality of loss and suffering, particularly for a young orphan.  What is a young boy livingContinue reading “Hugo: There Are No Extra Parts”

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Finding the Story that Makes Sense of Our Losses

“What’s your story?”  That was the only question a boy who lost his father in the 911 attack could ask in order to make sense of his father’s tragic death. What is the sense of flying an airplane into a building to kill thousands of innocent lives?  What is the sense of such brutal hatred? Continue reading “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close: Finding the Story that Makes Sense of Our Losses”

Iron Man 2: How Does Knowing You’re Dying Lead to Self-Destructive Behaviors?

“What would you do if you knew this was going to be your last birthday?”  That was the profound question Tony Stark asked, which was the riddle that explained his self-destructive behavior in Iron Man 2. Yes, this movie was criticized for being slower than the first installment, having less action and feeling slightly moreContinue reading “Iron Man 2: How Does Knowing You’re Dying Lead to Self-Destructive Behaviors?”

Fighting Well in Relationships

Sometimes when I counsel a person about relationships, two things tend to come out from the person: he doesn’t want to lose her but, darn, this is hard.  My general response is if it’s that important to you, you have to expect to fight for it.  The wonderful and beautiful things of life don’t comeContinue reading “Fighting Well in Relationships”

Wins & Losses in Our Foster Adopting

My wife and I are in the waiting process to be finally certified as foster parents, and THEN we begin the wait to be matched with a child.  2 months passed between the last two appointments we had with our social worker and now it’s been another week and a half since our last meetingContinue reading “Wins & Losses in Our Foster Adopting”

Why Do We Keep Doing What We’re Doing Even When It Hurts

My wife and I have been going through a foster adoption application process (so we haven’t been certified yet but hope to be).  We’re part of a group of applicants going through the process, which involves taking classes.  In one of the classes, they brought in a guest speaker who was a veteran foster mom. Continue reading “Why Do We Keep Doing What We’re Doing Even When It Hurts”

The Virtue of Self-Control in Wing Chun

In all martial arts, the virtue of self-control is (ought to be) taught.  In Wing Chun, it is a vital attribute to develop not only for the sake of not hurting someone but for the sake of becoming a better Wing Chun practitioner.  Since Wing Chun utilizes the sensitivity of touch as a way ofContinue reading “The Virtue of Self-Control in Wing Chun”

Selfishness Destroys Beauty

Yesterday morning I discovered four flower heads were ripped off of my Callo Lilies in front of my house, which I had carefully and diligently planted, watered and nurtured for the past few weeks.  I thought the Callo Lilies, often referred to as “resurrection flowers,” would add beauty to the urban neighborhood I live inContinue reading “Selfishness Destroys Beauty”

Is the Grass Always Greener on the Otherside?

Ellen and I met a guy visiting from Scotland while we were eating at the Village Pizzeria in Hollywood.  We asked him about places to visit Scotland, and he talked about how much he liked Los Angeles and wanted to live here.  He liked the weather a lot more than Scotland’s where it was unpredictableContinue reading “Is the Grass Always Greener on the Otherside?”