Foster Dad 15: Revisiting Our Former Foster Son

Today, we visited our first foster son (Lil Guy) who we returned back to his biological mother.  It seems being able to visit your former foster child is not typical (for many reasons, I’m sure).  We developed a good relationship with his parents and they invited us to stay in touch with them and visit. Continue reading “Foster Dad 15: Revisiting Our Former Foster Son”

Foster Dad 14: Time to Cry, Time to Laugh

Many of you know from my last post that we had to return our foster son, Lil Guy, back to his biological parents yesterday (Monday) and many of you responded to my wife and me with compassion as you sensed the weight upon on our hearts over losing him.  Thank you.  It really felt likeContinue reading “Foster Dad 14: Time to Cry, Time to Laugh”

Foster Dad 12: Changing Purposes

When my wife and I first started foster parenting our first foster baby, our focus was on raising and nurturing this baby in need.  We divulged our time, energy, attention and affection into the child.  We educated ourselves about what the child needed.  We paid close attention to his special needs.  We worked hard atContinue reading “Foster Dad 12: Changing Purposes”

Foster Dad 11: What Do You Do When You Loved And Lost?

About 7 weeks ago our county social worker warned us about losing our lil guy to the biological parents.  Then the social worker asked us if we would foster again.  She told us that we did such a good job that she wants to see us do this again.  Our initial response was not anContinue reading “Foster Dad 11: What Do You Do When You Loved And Lost?”

Foster Dad 10: Father’s Day for A Foster Father

What does Father’s Day mean to me, especially since we were just warned a week ago by our social worker that our foster son might be reunified with his biological parents soon?  Yes, that’s right, it’s very probable she told us.  It’s not definite, but we should be ready for it.  Yet I don’t lookContinue reading “Foster Dad 10: Father’s Day for A Foster Father”

Foster Dad 9: Six Month Birthday & The Journey

Can’t believe our Lil Guy is 6 months old today!  We feel like we’ve already been on a full journey with him in these first 6 months of his life.  So as Ellen and I were thinking of how to celebrate with a 6-month old baby, we tossed around the ideas of taking him toContinue reading “Foster Dad 9: Six Month Birthday & The Journey”

Foster Dad 8: A Life of Appointments

What does a routine of fostering look like?  The foster parenting life is full of appointments!  On top of the normal parenting of feeding the child, helping the child to develop, basic medical needs, and loving the child, typical appointments for “at-risk” babies in fostering include: county social worker, foster agency social worker, MAT assessment,Continue reading “Foster Dad 8: A Life of Appointments”

Foster Dad 7: A Mother’s Day For a Foster Mother

As the case for our foster baby progresses, it is with joy and sadness that this could be the first and last mother’s day that my wife gets to celebrate with this foster baby.  Of course, we’re proud of the parents and rejoice for the child if he gets to reunite with his biological parents. Continue reading “Foster Dad 7: A Mother’s Day For a Foster Mother”

Foster Dad 6: Tears Before Laughs

Did you notice babies know how to cry without being taught?  But smiles and laughs are responses we try to stimulate in them by nurturing happiness into them and modeling laughter for them.  Why is it that babies automatically know how to cry but laughter is something we teach them. I remember our foster baby’sContinue reading “Foster Dad 6: Tears Before Laughs”