Foster Dad 5: 3 Things I Tell My Foster Son Daily

Since the second day we received our foster son, there are three things that I tell him daily: We love you.  God loves you.  Jesus died for you. I tell him, “We love you,” so he would know that he is safe, accepted in this world, and well cared for.  I tell him this soContinue reading “Foster Dad 5: 3 Things I Tell My Foster Son Daily”

Foster Dad 4: Who My Baby Is To This World

As a foster dad, I’ve been touched in the recent weeks by the attention my baby gets and by the effect he has on people.  I can’t walk anywhere with him without being stopped at least a few times by people wanting to see or interact with him.  He is a people stopper.  But whatContinue reading “Foster Dad 4: Who My Baby Is To This World”

Foster Dad 3: Don’t Get Too Attached (?)

We met with the county social worker handling our little baby’s case.  Besides being inundated with the plethora of appointments we need to take the baby to as part of court and agency required assessments and services, we were also told that if the adoption were to happen, we would not expect it to happenContinue reading “Foster Dad 3: Don’t Get Too Attached (?)”

Foster Dad 2: What We Need Most

Our foster baby’s first visit to the doctor was memorable.  This was just three days after we received him into our lives.   Aside from finding out some surprising pieces of information that I’m not at liberty to share, I saw our baby for the first time completely without his clothes on.  The doctor tenderly undressedContinue reading “Foster Dad 2: What We Need Most”