Foster Dad 5: 3 Things I Tell My Foster Son Daily

Since the second day we received our foster son, there are three things that I tell him daily: We love you.  God loves you.  Jesus died for you. I tell him, “We love you,” so he would know that he is safe, accepted in this world, and well cared for.  I tell him this soContinue reading “Foster Dad 5: 3 Things I Tell My Foster Son Daily”

Mourning over My Mentor: Howard G. Hendricks

When a great man leaves this world, it leaves behind a sad emptiness and an inspiring legacy.  It’s like a tragedy that makes you cry but enriches you as a person.  I’ve been crying all day upon learning that Howard Hendricks passed away this morning.  He was an influential mentor to me.  Both he andContinue reading “Mourning over My Mentor: Howard G. Hendricks”

Thanksgiving: Not How We Normally Understand It

I recently read Philippians 4:6-7 again.  It’s one of those familiar passages that catches your attention because of the result that’s promised at the end of it: the peace of God that guards your heart.  Who doesn’t want peace?  In the urban city centers of L.A., peace is a coveted commodity from the homeless manContinue reading “Thanksgiving: Not How We Normally Understand It”

Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda

What do Bruce Lee and Yoda have in common where they speak truth into life?  They are two of my favorite celebrities.  Both martial artists.  Both philosophers.  Both hold the same understanding of the difference between well intentions and actualization.  Many of have a number of well intentions, but well intentions alone do not createContinue reading “Philosophy of Bruce Lee & Yoda”

Halloween & the Nature of Self-Change

“What are you going to be for Halloween?” is the typical question this holiday.  I enjoy the fundamental principle of being something other than what you are for Halloween.  No one walks into a Halloween party as themselves.  Nobody takes their kid trick-or-treating dressed in their normal Monday school clothes.  That would be sad.  TheContinue reading “Halloween & the Nature of Self-Change”

Strike Beyond the Surface!

Recently in my Wing Chun group as the students were training with hitting pads, the lesson I emphasized was to hit beyond the pad; don’t just hit the surface!  I repeated over and over and then I had to demonstrate it for them to hit at the point that is beyond the surface.  When IContinue reading “Strike Beyond the Surface!”

Fighting Well in Relationships

Sometimes when I counsel a person about relationships, two things tend to come out from the person: he doesn’t want to lose her but, darn, this is hard.  My general response is if it’s that important to you, you have to expect to fight for it.  The wonderful and beautiful things of life don’t comeContinue reading “Fighting Well in Relationships”

Wins & Losses in Our Foster Adopting

My wife and I are in the waiting process to be finally certified as foster parents, and THEN we begin the wait to be matched with a child.  2 months passed between the last two appointments we had with our social worker and now it’s been another week and a half since our last meetingContinue reading “Wins & Losses in Our Foster Adopting”

Why Do We Keep Doing What We’re Doing Even When It Hurts

My wife and I have been going through a foster adoption application process (so we haven’t been certified yet but hope to be).  We’re part of a group of applicants going through the process, which involves taking classes.  In one of the classes, they brought in a guest speaker who was a veteran foster mom. Continue reading “Why Do We Keep Doing What We’re Doing Even When It Hurts”

Is the Grass Always Greener on the Otherside?

Ellen and I met a guy visiting from Scotland while we were eating at the Village Pizzeria in Hollywood.  We asked him about places to visit Scotland, and he talked about how much he liked Los Angeles and wanted to live here.  He liked the weather a lot more than Scotland’s where it was unpredictableContinue reading “Is the Grass Always Greener on the Otherside?”