Why Do We Keep Fighting When We’re Too Tired To Fight? (Part 2)

What’s the point?  When we’ve fought and strived for so long, the “why” question naturally comes up.  There is likely a cause to our fight. It’s probably not pointless.  However, the goal of the fight could also be us, that is, the fight is part of our sanctification.  A fight shapes and forms a person. Continue reading “Why Do We Keep Fighting When We’re Too Tired To Fight? (Part 2)”

How Do We Keep Fighting When We’re Too Tired To Fight? (Part 1)

In a sparring match, one of the factors of losing a fight is tiredness.  A fighter eventually tires out and his muscles don’t have the strength to land a solid punch or react fast enough to a block. The fighter’s vision blurs from a lack of oxygen and his legs are too weak to standContinue reading “How Do We Keep Fighting When We’re Too Tired To Fight? (Part 1)”

Things That Aren’t Supposed to Happen

Do you encounter instances or experiences that make you say, “That’s not supposed to happen” or “That’s not right”?  Like, when a talented, young man of 21 at a prestigious college with a promising future suddenly loses his life and the dreams of what was expected to be a story yet to-be-told is cut short. Continue reading “Things That Aren’t Supposed to Happen”

All This Talk About “Boundaries”

I hear a lot of talk about “we need to have boundaries” these days – personal boundaries, healthy boundaries, relational boundaries, emotional boundaries, physical boundaries… Perhaps all this talk is because we’ve become wiser over the decades about what it means to live a healthy, successful life, one that preserves our happiness and sense ofContinue reading “All This Talk About “Boundaries””

Why Do We Hang On To Old Things?

After being married for 12 years, most of my eighties clothes have slowly disappeared.  My wife used to ask for my permission to sell my old clothes at garage sales, and then they started to gradually disappear into our donation bags.  Unbeknownst to me, I surrendered my clothes when I took large bags to Goodwill. Continue reading “Why Do We Hang On To Old Things?”

Why is it hard to apologize?

My wife went through an experience lately with a salesperson who obviously made a mistake in overcharging her for a pair of boots. The problem was the salesperson did not want to admit she made a mistake. My wife calculated the total with the tax on her phone, showed it to the salesperson and theContinue reading “Why is it hard to apologize?”

Regrets and Reconciliation

Regrets are among the greatest demons of life.  They eat away at us as we wish we had seized, accomplished or obtained the things that have now passed.  Regrets seem to be demons we all have.  As I recently arrived at the age of 35, I found myself automatically reflecting on my journey in lifeContinue reading “Regrets and Reconciliation”

“We all owe a death to God”

The recurring theme of the film The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 is from John Travolta’s repeated line, “We all owe a death to God.”  Surprisingly, undergirding this theme is the possibility of Denzel Washington’s character of finding redemption for a crime he allegedly committed.  There is perhaps no greater reality than that of death.  It is aContinue reading ““We all owe a death to God””