When Desire Conflicts with Reality

I just read this from Dallas Willard’s Knowing Christ Today: “When desire conflicts with reality, sooner or later reality wins.”  I think we’ve all faced the collision between our desires and reality – what we want to be real versus what really is real.  We can find ourselves living in a perceptual reality framed byContinue reading “When Desire Conflicts with Reality”

The Difficulty of Developing Self-Control

Someone asked two questions during a class I taught at my church on the subject of the roles of thoughts and feelings in spiritual growth: why is self-control so especially difficult? and how do you develop the virtue of self-control?  That question lingered in my mind for days and my ponderings were trapped on howContinue reading “The Difficulty of Developing Self-Control”

The Difference Between Love & Desire

Love is one of the most important things in life but one that’s difficult to define.  What do we mean when we say, “I love you,” to a family member, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife…?  Are we saying, “I want you,” “I have to have you,” “I can’t live without you,” “I need you,”Continue reading “The Difference Between Love & Desire”

The Kind of Friends That Are Good For Us: Encouragers vs Enablers

After watching the last few movies, I took note of the people the hero surrounds himself with either enhanced or hindered him.  It got me thinking of the influence relationships have on us.  Who we surround ourselves with helps to shape who we are and what our lives become.  I think friends are biblically aContinue reading “The Kind of Friends That Are Good For Us: Encouragers vs Enablers”

Caring for the Protectors in Our Lives

I’ve come across people where their whole roles are to be protectors for others.  The mindset of a protector is to ensure the safety and well-being of those he cares for.  The protector is concerned about making sure his loved ones are not hurting, and, if they are, he will focus on bringing those lovedContinue reading “Caring for the Protectors in Our Lives”

How To Grieve Losses

“How do I grieve?” someone asked me after we talked for an hour about her tragic loss.  I think one of the most difficult things to know how to do is dealing with loss.  Because losses are an inevitable part of life – loss of dreams, aspirations, capabilities, freedoms, friendships, loved ones and family members,Continue reading “How To Grieve Losses”

The Impact of Good Customer Service

I was recently inspired by good customer service at a burger joint.  I was at the In-N-Out drive-thru the other day to get a cheeseburger.  I wasn’t physically feeling too well and thought an In-N-Out cheeseburger would help (don’t ask why).  When the drive-thru attendant took my order, he walked over to my window withContinue reading “The Impact of Good Customer Service”

Growing When Life Isn’t Moving

I think sometimes life feels like it doesn’t move forward when you go through the same struggles year after year. We look at ourselves and feel like we haven’t moved forward in life because our circumstances look exactly the same — same financial problems, same career status, same living situation, same relationship issues. The feelingContinue reading “Growing When Life Isn’t Moving”

Person of Peace vs. Person of War – Knowing Which You Are

I was recently reading the transitional period between King David and his son King Solomon and found it interesting how distinct their roles were as kings: one was a king of war and the other was a king of peace.  God even specifically said to David that he would not be the one to buildContinue reading “Person of Peace vs. Person of War – Knowing Which You Are”